Saturday, May 19, 2007

What' price a sorry?

I glanced at the paper for tomorrow (an early edition printed this evening) and am very disgusted with the whole issue. You see, in the parliament, a male MP has made a snide remarks that all women leak. The woman MP had tabled the issue of leaking buildings and this male MCP, I mean MP had joked about the women leaking, aka having her period.

The issues was blown rather big and now, all the female politicians, irrespecitive of their political parties have come together to demand an apology from the apeman. Well, the thing is he apeman apologised for the whole issue but not exactly to the woman MP that he intended the remarks.

I can bet with you that in a few weeks, someone is going to do some goofy thing like this again. There is no value about the sorry because they don't mean it. I can tell you that.

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