Saturday, May 26, 2007


Have you ever have times when you are afraid of asking questions because you do not want to be laughed at? So, you sat there and wonder and wonder what it is. I saw the above several times and try to decode it. I thought it is some letterings, very much like those words we made using our calculator.

So, silly me, try to turn my head over to see if I can see any words from there. Which I can't figure out because the numbers changed. Then, I thought it probably is some emoticons which did not show up on my PC because I do not have it.

After a few times, I muster enough courage and ask shyly. What is this - tl155lc5. And true enough, I got laughed at. "What! You don't know? For several days already, you don't know and yet you didn't ask?"

Yeah, I love this kind of conversation. It is not often I get to talk to someone at this wavelength. tlimuvm. :P

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