Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Are your pets protected with insurance?

It is horrible how some pets died due to human errors. I am referring to the contaminated pet foods which caused many pets to die after consuming it. Pets are very much part of our family and it must be terrible for the owners to lose their pets.

My sister has two chihuahuas and these two adorable dogs were like family. They took care of them so well and in fact, the costs of the pets' medical expenses far surpass the children's medical expenses. This is because vets' fees are not covered by the medical insurance as they did not thought of getting a pet insurance. Generally, if one has dogs, it is good to get a dog insurance or a general pet health insurance as pets inevitably needs some emergency medical attention at some point.

Do take a look at the link provided to learn more and see that costs of expensive medical care pets need. Then, I suppose most people will consider getting a pet insurance to cover their pets.

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