Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Can you survive if you get burned ala Burn Notice?

I always considered myself a survivor. But then, am I really? What if I get burned? Burned here means all your credentials wiped out and everyone sees you as an enemy. I no longer have credit cards, no more bank accounts which means no money spitting out of the automated teller machine, no friends to rely on and definitely no one wants to hire me.

It does sound like a scary situation. But hey, I couldn't possible count myself a survivor if the thoughts of it already deter me, right? So, for a start, maybe I have to eat the humble pie and seek out charitable bodies. As you know, these good people loves to help people. It makes them chirpy and happy. My bet is I will be such a good subject, they will give me plenty of clothes to wear. So, that part will be taken care off. But what if it is in the middle of winter? And I couldn't find any Salvation Army 2 pence stores around to help me? How about 'borrowing' some stuffs? Hey, I said borrow because when I have the moolah, I will return the stuffs I 'took'.

Now, that I am on my feet with the help of charity, 'borrowing' and my basic needs taken care off, I will defitely find a job at some sleazy restaurants. They are always on the look out to find cheap labour. And if I am the Suzy Wong type, I can even get a job in a massage parlour.

So, it will be a long road back to gaining my basic needs covered. From there, I am pretty sure I will bounce back to civilazation again and get even with whoever caused me to ended up that way. We humans have coping mechanisms that will keep us afloat. With all the hardships, we will get even stronger and smarter.

Just like how Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's new TV series, Burn Notice, dealt with a similar situation. USA Network's Burn Notice, seems like a very intriguing series. It starts on June 28 , 2007. So stay tune for it. Meantime, go over to their site and learn more about this captivating show.

I love this kind of series, full of action, mysteries and twists.

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