Friday, June 08, 2007

My four years old said the most touching thing

I was dead tired today because I went out with the kids for a movie and shopping. By the time, we got home, I fell asleep with my make-up and contact lenses on.

I had to force myself out of bed for dinner. After that, I was slaving away at the PC while looking very sleepy.

So, my four years old asked, 'Mummy, why do you look so grumpy?"

Me, "No, I am not grumpy but tired."

He, "Tired? Why don't you go to sleep again?"

Me, "I need to work, baby."

He, "Never mind, don't do it. Wait when I am big, I work for you."

Awww...isn't that the sweetest thing to hear from a four years old?

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