Thursday, June 14, 2007

My love-hate relationship with the weighing scales

Today, my toddler pulled out the weighing scale and asked me if 40 is a lot. Apparently, he looked and see the number 40 and wonder if he is a big boy yet. I told him 40 (lbs, i.e.) is very, very good and he smiled proudly.

Then, he asked me to step on it and I freaked out. No way! I am not going to check because recently I had been eating more than I should. I know there is no escaping but when I know I am fat, I usually stay away from the bathroom scale. But when I know I am losing a bit of weight, I will gladly do that a few times a day to feel good.

I think it is time I face up to facts and get myself this cheap digital pocket scales so that I can start counting calories and stuffs. Who knows, I should get one talking scale as well that tells me, "You are too fat!". Hahaha. Anyway, check out the link provided. They have many types of scales and you may find one you are looking for.

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