Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thank you for calling....

It was the most hilarious time of my life when I was working in this lawyer firm back in the 80s. At that time, the company's phones were still primitive and we often fooled around with it. My colleague and I. At times, we mimic cartoon voices and caused the clients to hang up thinking they have gotten the wrong number.

Oh well, I was young and the boss owed us overtime payment. I don't know if we did a lot of damage to his business or not but it remains fond memories to me. I only worked for three months.

So, you can imagine how important telephone operators, receptionists and most of all, telephone systems are. Never cut costs, implement the best you can afford. Hire the best you can. Otherwise, business will suffer.

Take a look at VOIP Small Business phone systems and check out the features available. I am sure it will save your companies thousands of dollars from cartoon voices. Small businesses with office branches scattered across the country can share the same phone system on the same private list of extensions across all branch offices equally. You can enjoy free 4-digit dialing between all branch, satellite, or home office locations making your team tighter and more efficient. Costs are drastically reduced thanks to unlimited free service & support as well as improved long distance and international calling plans. The benefits VoIP phone systems have to offer the small business world are endless.

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