Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BP factory in Whiting, Indiana

Once again, bloggers are given the challenge to weigh an issue and express our opinions. Personally, I think that's what blogging is all about. I.e. to be able to judge and issue and give a balance view. I have seen so many news reports are sometimes skewed and biased. It is very disheartening to see some major media companies reporting matters by carefully sieving the information and subtlely put the issue into a different light.

Therefore, I think bloggers play a very important role in making sure that things are expressed in the right context and not out to harm any parties without basis. For example, I was given this slightly contradicting matter to peruse. One is the news from the Chicago Tribune which suggest that BP may be causing some environmental concerns.

However, upon closer inspection, BP is an organisation that has is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of their actions. I.e. whatever process they do, it is with thoughts on the environment. So, I did a little reading on News-Sentinel.com and found that they reported :

Lake Michigan isn't exactly being sacrificed, though. Despite the increases in discharges, BP will remain within federal pollution guidelines, and both federal and state environmental authorities have reviewed the company's plans. As part of the exemption deal, BP will build a new diffuser apparatus that will reduce the concentration of pollutants in the water by mixing them with clean water 200 feet from the shore.

This is not as alarming as the details given by Chicago Tribune. Not being totally convinced, I did a further googling on BP's site and found more details to support their stand and their commitment :

-Only treated water into Lake Michigan
-Well within legal limits
-No harm to people or the environment
-Continuous improvement
-Modern technology
-Collaborative, transparent approach
-Fuel for the Midwest
-Jobs now and in the future


I have a health blog and am aware of the recent reports on contaminated fishes. However, according to the report by BP, what is released into the Lake Michigan are not sludge but treated water. Sludge are handle separately.

Therefore, concerns on the health of the people may not be as worrying as reported. Then, again, you are free to investigate them yourselves to find out. Well, there are many varying opinions but I think ultimately, the people of Indiana will be the best to judge because they should know if the project will indeed bring them more benefits than otherwise. For example, it will open up more jobs for the surrounding area now and in the future. Hence, this is certainly a welcoming move, isn't it?

Do take time to read the news on BP and also BP Whiting Refinery Fact Sheet

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