Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Did she go for plastic surgery?

I haven't met her for 10 years. In fact, I haven't met all those other women for 10 years too. Yet, all of us can somehow recognise each other and can see some of the youth faded from our faces. Yet, there was this one woman who looks really fake. We used to dislike her for her arrogance. And inspite of being away for 10 years, she still has that airs about her.

Her nose looks fake. Her eyes look fake. Her boobs looks fake. In fact, all of her seems to look like fake. Of course, we are not being mean when we say that. Because she really does look kind of screwed.

In whispering mode, we asked each other. Did you notice that? Can you see how funny her face looks now? Of course, there are good plastic surgery and bad plastic surgery. What happened to her may be a good plastic surgery gone bad.

Which is why one needs to be careful before jumping on the operating table just in the name of vanity. One needs to look around, listen to reputable people, get references before actually going for a nose job.

There was this site which offers ethnic plastic surgery. You may wonder what is it? Well, to find out, go over to the site and read to understand. There are so many things about plastic surgery so we need to read and learn before making a decision.

For our friend, we definite know that she had a boob job. It is not as massive as it was previously so probably she have had a surgery done like this beverly hills breast reduction. Now her boobs are all perky and oh boy, do we envy her! But of course, women being women, we do not say it out loud.

We also didn't ask if she have had a tummy tuck ala los angeles liposuction because of her flat tummy which is rather unachievable considering that she had several babies.

Anyway, I know we are just being mean because we cannot afford all those expensive plastic surgeries while she can. I bet if we have the money, we will probably do the same thing like her and get others to bitch about us.

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