Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kill the termites

I used to own a house and have no intention of selling it. We left it vacant for two years as we do not want to rent it as because of the damages the tenants may caused.

Unfortunately, we had to sell off the house in the end because of termite infestation. We did not get termite protection earlier and only discovered that termites have eaten part of the upper floor. It was very freakish because when you stand on the floor, and not moving or making any movements, you can hear the termites chewing away. There is a soft sound of 'kriik, kriik, kriik'. I tell you, it sounds like some horror movie.

In the end, we reluctantly sold off the house and the new owner had the whole flooring torn apart and made tile flooring.

I am still missing that house of mine until today and regret that we did not take serious prevention to avoid termites. So homeowners, remember to protect yourself from this pest. They are a battalion of hungry armies who can cause untold harm.

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