Friday, July 13, 2007

Lengthy blog posts bore the hell out of me

This is something that many bloggers may not be aware. Never, ever write a long post. A post more than 300 words is very boring. You may have a compelling story to tell but when you drone on and on, all the readers will start to leave.

I have seen some crappy bloggers who think they are some guru or some wise old man who writes stuffs about life. Ptoooi, go chuck that piece of shit into your toilet bowl and flush it, will ya? No one but morons will read a post that long talking about the general things in life.

I have only two words. Fuck it. Keep it short. And remember, only morons hang around and go ya ya ya, I agree.

*Warning : You don't get to disagree because I crap what I want, ok? I don't need to hear your lame reason, it is other people's blog so they write what they want. So, I am also writing what I want, geddit?*


Rauff said...

Waahhliiaauuwwweeeyyy....why are you so pissed? Just don't read the crap lah. Simple. said...

rauff - If I don't read, then, I don't get to rant. So I mah read lor. If not got nothing to fill. Hehehe.