Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Love songs farking up my mind

The other day when I bought my Sony Ericsson S500i phone, the Sony shop guy told me I can go and download songs from their shop. I thought that I got a chance to choose the song and went over to his shop one fine day.

It turned out that the computer where they store the songs are inside their counter and I do not have personal access to it. So, I hand over the phone to this young chap and asked him how he is going to select the songs for me? He said he will download their most popular songs for me.

Indeed he did. He gave me Ronan Keating, Carrie Underwood and godknowswhoelse songs. And that's not all. He also download Boyzone for me. Do I even look remotely that I like Boyzone? *slaps self* Now I either listen to those lame loves songs or I delete it one by one. It is a chore to delete those songs so I just listen to those mushy love songs till I am about to puke. Ptui!

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