Saturday, July 28, 2007

My blog sucks

My blog sucks. Your blog sucks. But the problem is normally people will not tell us. I asked someone. Does my blog sucks? He said no. I know it does because I used to be very direct and very innocent back when I was blogging from here in 2003. I could just write whatever I feel and press that publish button.

Now? If I press it, I can expect people to buzz me and ask me 'Wassup?' or 'Who are you talking about?' So, normally, I may hit the keyboard in a rage of anger or in moments when I feel mediocre but I normally press the 'Delete this Post' instead of 'Publish'.

Then, I asked the person. Did my blog changed? He said I am now much happier. Well, is it true? Maybe, partly. But I am no longer wearing my sleeves out. It is so unlike those days when I was in Geocities when no one reads what I wrote. I could write and write just to ease those pains and griefs and I still love reading those thoughts that I penned down.

Now? If I did that kind of writing, people are going to come to me and ask, "Are you better now?" I hate that. I hate having to explain. I hate my blog to have 'tail end'.

Back then, I can praise myself and I don't fark care if people think I am boastful. Back then, I can humilate myself and no one will give snide remarks that I am trying to fish for compliments. Like this title? If I were to put it on my other blog, people will think I am fishing for compliments like, "No your blog is good."

See? That's why my blog sucks. My life sucks. The world sucks. Because there are too much pretentions.

Tell me my blog sucks. Not this blog. I mean that one. This one can sucks but it will still serve its purpose.

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