Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Online shopping to take the blues away

I haven't fall sick for a while already and this time, the flu really hit me hard. So hard, I couldn't even leave the house for some sunshine and shopping. I am holed up at home, in bed with only the laptop and internet to amuse me.

After tired of blogging, reading blogs and bumping around, I decided to check out some online coupons which I need. The other day, I was in a rush to get several domains and missed finding the coupons. So, I had to pay full price for them. It costs a bomb, ok?

Therefore, if you are in need of some shopping theraphy and wants to save money at the same time, do hunt around for coupons.

KeepCash is where you can get these super savings codes the next time you want to purchase something online. Right now, I think I need some vitamins to boost up my immune system. Otherwise, I am going to sneeze and snuffle non-stop for days. Vitamin Shoppe is giving free shipping with any $99 purchase.

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