Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sick of politics and politicians

Once upon a time, I couldn't care less about politics. Once every five years, I will obediently go to the voting centre and mark a cross for the party I think is the better one.

However, once I become a blogger, my horizon broadened. I know more, read more and get agitated with some of the current happenings. Actually, it is damn stupid how things are moving right now. Politicians are calling bloggers all sort of names every day. From super-idiots to monkeys to liars and so on.

Well, if these name callings are from the bloggers, then, I do understand. But coming from the people who are in the Government, it is really lame. It proves that bloggers make a big difference in the next election.

I am ranting here because I am trying to keep my mouth shut in my personal blog which has a bigger audience. Bah!

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