Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Superfoods for weight loss

Once in a while, I do get the nagging feeling of wanting to find something to deal with my weight. But often, the thought of vigorous work outs and starving myself seem too hard. Then, I am very doubtful about popping pills and I couldn't afford the knives too.

So, when I stumbled upon Super Foods, it looks pretty promising. What are super foods? Well, it is a new way of eating superfoods like what is advocated in the books. They are having a promotion right now and teaches you how to add herbs and spices into our cooking. To make it simple, let's say that it is like a recipe book except that it helps you lose weight and teach you what to eat.

There are lots of photos on the link I provided. I bet you will be interested too once you read. After all, for the price of a recipe book, one can lose weight. Isn't that already a good deal?

*This is brought to you by thesuperfoodsbook.com*

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