Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aliens invading my home!

This hubby of mine gave me a surprise. He phoned and said, "The aircond service men are coming NOW!"

I went, "Eeeek...I am braless, I haven't bath and I am in the middle of baking a cake, tiu!"

Boy, I hate that man. He does know how to give me surprises. I dashed to take my bath and jump into something decent, throw everything on my bed and 'Ding Dong' the bunch of men are here.

Sweaty, stinky, dirty, smelly and, tonight I am going to dream of those men. I told hubby to just buy a new unit and solve the problem of chemical washing or whatever mess they are doing to my home now.


Terence said...

Moderate comments?? I was not here. LOL.

I'm Choonie. said...

LOL... I am always braless around the house too. Yeah... I find my gang!