Monday, August 13, 2007

Medical Card Scanner

Let me share the buzz about this medical card scanner which I hope will be useful to readers who may need to use this gadget in their outlets, clinics or other organizations.

This medic scan is a user friendly card scanner that comes in various models. As some of the details are rather technical, I am going to quote some of the information I obtained from the site. This is to avoid misquoting the details.

Well, the ScanShell 800N is a medical card scanner with automatic feed detection. One just need to insert the card and the MedicScan will take over the job almost instantly.

In a gist, here is how it works :

The MedicScan + ScanShell 800N package enables you to easily scan the image of medical insurance cards.
The images of the scanned insurance cards can be:
- Stored as a file on your PC or LAN server
- Exported to a 3rd party applications
- Published via FTP
- Sent by E-mail

The ScanShell 800N medical card scanner works well with most places because it uses our regular PC only. The scanner connects to your PC through a USB port.

I did a bit of reading to find out more on the company distributing the medical scanner and found from the About page:

ScanShell Store is a certified reseller of MedicScan products, by CSSN.

ScanShell store prides itself for presenting the very latest technology in card scanning products and card scanning solutions. We are one of the largest independent Resellers of Card Scanning Solutions products (CSSN).

I hope the above information is sufficient. Please go over to the link provided to find out more and if you know someone who may need it, please do share the link!


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