Saturday, August 04, 2007

Blog policing

Seriously, what's with these people who go around blog policing like the highest gods hired them to do so? They will go blog hopping and then bitched about what people wrote, how bad their English is, what craps of reviews they are doing and why the hell they are still allow to breath in the blogsphere?

Well, it is fine to talk once in a while when the case is really horrifying. But to dedicate a whole blog doing nothing but bitching about things on and on like their cheebyes are made of gold is just way too much. Don't these women have better things to do?

Blek! Have I just stooped as low as these CCBS? Horrors! Yes I did! OMG, spare me. I shall sew my lips up and chop off my fingers now.

1 comment:

anthraxxxx said...

cheebye made of gold wahahahhahahah! Tomorrow got made of titanium tim!