Saturday, August 04, 2007

Eating healthily

I often got into this crazy phases where I can go on for weeks and focus on eating healthily. Unfortunately, those phases don't last long. Sometimes, it is going vegetarian, sometimes organic. I have so many types of organic stuffs hiding in my fridge because I got over the phase. Some of them are so bulky like those grains such as millets, rye, flaxseeds, brown rice and etc.

My hubby told me that with my kind of discipline, or rather the lack of it, I should forget about my healthy eating preaching. You see, when I go into that phase, the whole family has to endure with me. So, hubby told me to just go get some food supplements and vitamins instead of making them eat vegetables. For example, garden of life has some wholefoods which may make me happy when I am into healthy eating.

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