Friday, August 24, 2007

I need to be transported to St Thomas Villas

I dug out my old Josh Groban's CD. Once, I was totally in love with his songs because it brings me closer to my creator. There is some lilting in his voice that made me feel lost in the comfort of being with Him. Not Josh, I mean Jesus.

I am now listening to Josh Gorban and Charlotte Church while reading and surfing this beautiful site with equally heavenly travel destination. I am talking about the St Thomas Villas.

I urge you to hop over and see for yourself the kind of luxurious settings provided. It is out of this world. Not your regular vacation rental but something that comes out of a page of a romance novel.

three decks/balconies offer breathtaking views of the
awe-inspiring natural beauty. The biggest, located on the lower level, is a
wraparound deck and features a completely private pool, outdoor kitchen,
TIKI bar, T.V. and comfy outdoor furniture where you can sit and enjoy a
cocktail as gentle bay breezes whisk away your worldly cares.

Gee, I wish I can just close my eyes and be transported to St Thomas Villas now.

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