Friday, August 24, 2007

Why can't there be one video format?

This is a stupid question. Just as stupid as asking why can't there be peace on earth. I want to know why the producers or whoever decide things do not make the same size screws and nuts, same coloured wires, same video formats?

I have plenty of videos in 3GP or whatever format my Sony Ericsson S500i took. I do not like to buy pirated softwares. My stewpig Vista has problems understanding the CD that comes with the phone. I need dunno what code which I am too lazy to go and surf to get.

Now, Blogger's blog can upload video in AVI, MPEG but it won't upload my videos raw from the phone. Ptui! Technology konon. Kanineh. Otherwise, I can load my blogs with so many videos of 'oh look my cute kid is walking' or 'oh my cute kid just shitted and playing with his poo-poo' (jj).

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