Sunday, August 05, 2007

Let's elope and live happily ever after

I love reading romantic novels and when I was young, I have this crazy idea of running away from home with a boy that my mom didn't like. Well, too bad that my mom never like any of them because she is awfully nice.

However, that doesn't stop my fantasy of doing something like disappearing from home and live happily ever after with a guy, forever and ever. Can you imagine watching this beautiful sunset every day, sitting by the Lanikai beach, sipping Pina Colada?

I think if I have one of these crazy moments at my age, I will probably elope again. Maybe, I can get all the info I need from Hawaiian travel information, open a Swiss bank account and just tell my kids where I had gone. Oh no!!!! I have kids. I cannot do that!

Still, ladies, if you are still single, go find someone to bring you to Hawaii, ok? It is that beautiful!

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