Sunday, August 05, 2007

The endless worries of a mother

We had a family dinner today. My son just finished his tuition and he joined us for dinner. He was riding his bike. So, after dinner, he went ahead first while we went to buy some stuffs.

Then, my hubby got a call from him saying that he had fell from his bike again. The umpteen time! He always ride very fast and is fearless. No amount of nagging helps because he is that stubborn. So, he phoned the father because he knows I will freaked out at the mention of an accident.

We told him we are on the way home as he was already back home. Then, he called again later, asking if there is an injection for painkilling. Oh boy, this time, we know it is not just another regular scratch and fall thingie. The hubby took him to the hospital for dressing and got him some medicines.

No major injuries but those bloody spots make me pukey already. Haih....Thank God, it is once again, minor scratches.

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