Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My stint as a secretary

I was a secretary for twelve years and through that time, I had discovered many quirky things that people asked when they travel. I was in charge of the hotels and flights reservations. Although that sound pretty mundane and easy, it sometimes posed very challenging things to me.

For example, we have this obese engineer who needs two seats on a plane but my boss was unwilling to pay for them. So, whenever my colleague travels, I had to make sure that he is flying on a flight that probably allows him to have a spare seat. However, we cannot know until the very last minute and it was always a very hectic situation for him.

Then, I have another colleague who is 6 foot 4 inches and he cannot fit into a regular bed. So, I have to make sure that the hotel will find something that can fit him. Then, there are all kind of special requests people make.

Nowadays, the secretaries are much luckier because they have the internet and reliable travel arrangement websites like Hotel Reservations here. Booking and reservation are a breeze now because they can filter out all the requirements and then, narrow down the choices.

The site also provide location and maps so one doesn't have to guess how far the hotel is from the destination they are going. If you are going to travel, check out the site and make your arrangments. It saves a lot of time and money too because they have good deals all year round.


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