Saturday, August 11, 2007

Still car hunting!

No more car talk! My guy friend is sick of listening to me. He said he is the most authoritative and if I keep going round and round asking him, he is going to charge me for consultation fee.

But what can I do? My kid wants a nice car that goes fast but I want a safe car that will not allow him to speed. Meanwhile, my hubby thinks he should relinquish his car for the son so that he can buy the ascender. Oh dear, I hope the man really mean it because I love, love, love the luxurious finishing and that shape. Such an appropriate size for me, don't you think so? Go over and check out the isuzu suv now.

By the way, wish me luck. I hate writing about my car hunting but what can I do when no one seems to agree on what to buy.

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I'm Choonie. said...

Yes... Ascender looks very nice. I like it too. Yet to see this car on the road in Kuching.