Saturday, August 11, 2007

Brazilian Wax and off to a nudist beach!

Alana, a blog buddy of ours privately told us that she has gone for a Brazilian Wax this afternoon because she is leaving for a holiday at the beach tomorrow. All four us were laughing and joking with her if she is going to a nudist beach. Otherwise, why did she endure the painful procedure and not to mention the cost of the Brazilian waxing job.

Alana said it is a suprise for her hubby as they are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Well, the prudes like Sally and I were so amused as we have not heard of adult resorts. Alana is leaving her baby with her in-laws so that they can get a little naughty at the beach. We told her to take lots of photos but too bad, no cameras allowed.

Well, Alana, if you are reading this, remember to come back and tell us what you did there!

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