Friday, August 24, 2007

Want to nit-pick on me?

Niamah, mei sei kor?

clement, on August 23rd, 2007 at 10:18 pm Said:

she’s a big time earner? you get your page to PR5 and you’ll start to earn as much as her… maybe more

Someone quoted the above in a post that has just one sentence about me. It is just one farking sentence. So, naturally, it is fun to hit back, right? Say yes lah! Tiu.

lilian, on August 24th, 2007 at 7:16 pm Said:

Clement, if you learn to shaddap more, then ppl won’t say you are stupid, you know? Tell me how many paid posts I got on my PR5/10? Almost none. So, next time, if people blog about how nice the shoes are, just say the shoes are nice, ok? The post is about the shoes? Got brain ah?

Jiensters - Can I have the not a plastic bag? I pay you! Hehehe. Cos I heard it is out of stock already.

I am going to put the link here and see if that clement fella still want to nit-pick with me. Got balls go back and explain lah. Kanineh, I made lots of money from blogging because I am very professional, hardworking, reliable and organised. I don't go around people's blog to pick up one sentence and try to bitch. Farker.

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JiNG said...

well.. may be he doesnt mean that? haha.. Lilian, i guess his main point there is to encourage jienster more gua... xun le ba.. haha..