Sunday, September 23, 2007

Candy Bar with a twist

There is nothing like a bar of candy to chase the blues away. I usually do that when I am feeling emo. I will head for the candy counter and get myself lots of chocolates and sinfully evil candies to get a sugar high.

But this one is a candy bar with a twist. These are personalized candy bars which have beautiful wrappers. I know you are going to love the candy bar wrappers. How can anyone resist those beautiful wrappers! For example, the above is the Valentine's Day candies. They also have lots of other stuffs like edible wedding favors, decorated cookies, personalized mint, tins party favors, christening favors, wedding favors, bridal shower favors and birthday party favors.

If you wish to find special gifts that are not too costly and yet, give your recipients that heartwarming sensation, then, this has to be the best ideas. Take a look and grab some for yourself.

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