Sunday, September 23, 2007

Healthcare carts

These few days I have been in terrible mood. I am not apologetic over them because I don't need to feel guilty on top of feeling bad. So be it. If I screwed you, you get screwed. Over and done with.

Everything makes me emotional. While I was looking at this healthcare cart, it even makes me emo. I am so familiar with them. Exactly six years ago, I was in the hospital, with my baby's lives hanging in me. The doctor tried to stop my premature birth. I was bleeding profusely with each movement.

Then, it was a long struggle for the next seven months. It ended with the healthcare cart too because I saw the nurses pushing the resuscitation trolley to bring him back to life. Eventually they broght the cart to clean up his body to let me take back.

See? I told you I am emotional over every damn thing.

Let's forget that. Do take a look at the link provided to know what healthcare cart it. It those trolleys used to push the medical equipments around.

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