Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cheap Health Insurance

The tears aren't dried yet. However, what's there to cry over? I might as well focus on working than crying over the past.

That said, even the mention of insurance brought back memories of my late son. I remembered how scary it was when the accounts clerk came to me with bills amounting $1K per day and ask for my deposit for the ICU care. Some of his medical care were not covered by insurance as premature birth is considered congenital birth disorder. So, what can we do but to fork out $12K in a week? I was ready to give up the house and the car and everything else just so he can live.

However, thank God the boss of the company, an Italian, approved to help us with the money when the insurance doesn't.

Therefore, no one should go without health insurance. You need that security in case you are in situation like this. To find cheap health insurance, I suggest this site to find cheap health insurance quote.

Find some inexpensive health insurance and pray that you never need to use the insurance coverage.

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