Sunday, September 09, 2007

Directory of schools

I am highly allergic to studying and to schools. Exams are almost deadly to me. I cannot figure out why someone as smart as I kept failing one exam after another. Maybe I am too smart for the exam questions? Maybe my answers were too profound for the examiners?

Well, there were times when I wonder if I should take another shot at studying. When I was working, I thought of taking up a company secretarial diploma and degree. However, after attending a few board meetings and AGM and see how a company secretary's operate, I found the job too boring. Yayaya, good excuses.

Now, when I look at this directory with online schools, I wonder if age has made me smarter and probably I can do better with an online course?

Ahhhh....forget it. But if you are looking to further your education, you can just click on the link provided.

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