Sunday, September 23, 2007

Do I want to go back to writing for PPP?

I wrote to PPP to take this blog off because I was tired of their earlier TOS which demands us to place interims in between opps that don't come through them. Karen told me they cannot delete this blog yet because I still have outstanding payments. She told me to write again when the 30 days are up. However, I have so many posts there, I am too tired of searching where the 30 days mark ends.

So, I let it as it is. Now, PPP has changed the TOS again and we can take 3 opps. I am wondering if I should continue with PPP then? I know 100% that there is nothing spammy about my blog eventhough almost every few posts are paid posts. A good blogger like me can make sponsored posts look good and build in the products to blend seamlessly with my storyline.

I guess I won't hit the delete button and I will continue with PPP. After all, how many thousand people out there are hankering for a PR3/10, three years old blog and don't have them. Therefore, why should I throw it away?

I guess I will start taking PPP opps again on this blog. After all, this blog is more 'me' than my personal blog.

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