Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hôtels en Paris

Bonjour! I haven't turned into French but while looking through the website on France, I have a tinge of nostalgia of the time when I was in Paris. It was through the internet that I obtained all the information on hotel reservation, airport, train and practically everything about Paris. It was quite an adventure because I armed myself with whatever I printed out from the internet, we flew to Paris with two small kids, landed at the Charles De Gaulle airport, located the right shuttle bus, went to the train station and finally walked all the way there to the little hotel we booked online.

Until now, I can still remember the chilly air because I was having high fever just before we took off. It chilled me to the bones. But lucky, I recovered soon and had a memorable time in Paris.

Hotels in Paris come in all sizes and prices. If you are on a shoestring budget, I recommend you to stay at the smaller ones because they are so unique. It was more like staying with a French family. Cheaperthanhotels and Hotelsenfrancais offer last minute and year round accommoation at prices often less than direct prices This works out to be excellent value when 2 or more persons are travelling to hotels, hostels or serviced apartments.

Paris Hotels are slightly more expensive in certain areas and cheaper in others. I recommend you read up carefully and find an area where you are most likely to enjoy because they have different attractions like art, museum, nightlight, outdoors, nature and etc.

Like the French said, Bonjour! Hôtels en Paris. I think it means, Welcome to Hotels in Paris.

Will I ever go back to Paris and its River Seine, beautiful churches, magnificent arches and building, wide Champ Elysees again? Maybe...there is always tomorrow..

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