Saturday, September 15, 2007

Don't you just hate hypermarkets on weekends?

The older kids are either at the library studying or at church for their cathecism class. Hubby asked me to join him to go to Tesco. No way, darling. You can have all the father and son (youngest kid) bonding moments with those bunch of people.

I ain't going where the crowds are. I am not going to get hit by supermarket trolleys pushed by kiasu housewives nor get jabbed on the shin by those rascals pushing those kiddies trollies. Someone please strangle those parents who allow their little kids to push those kiddies trolleys down the aisle like some future mat rempits please.

So, that's how I end up home alone, earning USD. Don't mention going to Tesco on weekends. I hate it. I would rather be sleeping.

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