Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Whirlpool may just be the answer

My kids school uniforms which is suppose to be white look grayish and I think if we line up my kids with other school kids, I will win for the grayish uniforms. My sister told me it could be due to the washing machine I am currently using. I use a top loading one which is not that effective as it has no hot water cycle as well.

Sis told me to get myself the Made In USA Whirlpool Washing Machines because she used it at her home. Indeed, my nephews are a lot neater than my kids.

If you are looking for home appliances, do check out this link which I provided because they have the list of best prices comparisons. You can just pick the retailer and drive there to get your hands on the machine before buying. Saves you the petrol of running around looking for best prices for electrical appliances.

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