Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Emergency cash

Bah! It is raining again. I hate the rain. It is when it messes up my mind. I was busy writing, sitting here next to the window and the rain water splashes on me. And I recalled something from the past. See? I have horrible memory that stores bad memories.

When I was around 21 yrs old, I moved out to live on my own. Surviving on my own salary was very, very tough because each month, I have to pay for the room rental and also my transport. After these two major payments, I was left with nothing much. Meals were sparse and if I am lucky, I have a few dates to buy me good dinner. If I am not, it is bread and jam.

I was in midst of a break-up with a guy I knew for four years so I really have no one to turn to when I ran out of cash. I didn't know about cash advance back then. I tried to apply for advance payday but my accountant wanted to loan me money from his own pocket instead. He told me too much red tape involves. I refused to accept his personal loan and there were few days when I was really worried I will starve. LOL, of course, a pretty, young, 21 years old won't starve because there are always free meals around.

So, yeah, it is not a nice feeling to be really broke. I had been there, done that and can feel for those who have the same dilemma like me before.

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