Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sisters-in-law going to UK

(Kew Garden - source VisitBritain)

I got two sisters-in-law whose children are working in the UK. Both of them came to our house the other day to ask where to find cheap hotels in UK. Hey, but I thought your children are there and surely they can do the reservations for you? But nope, they do not know where to find. So, siss-in-law asked me to help them search from the internet.

I think the two of them are going to like the parks and the slow life of London because they are in their fifties. I hope they don't get lost on their way to find their children. OK, I am evil.

Anyway, I gave them the prices I got from the website and give them the rates for Hotels in London, Hotels in Manchester and Hotels in Birmingham because they aren't sure where they children are.

After they have left, I told hubby I want to go to London too. I want to visit those cathedrals because I always love old cathedrals. Hubby told me he can buy me a ticket if I will go along with his sisters! I told him, no way....not even if he gives me a million dollar to travel with his sisters! Horrors, I am mean, no?

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