Saturday, September 22, 2007

The future laid bare

I received both my lector and OHP duty roster today. It has the roster from September till Christmas and New Year's Eve. I know when I am on duty and what time.

And suddenly, I nice if we have all our future laid bare like this. We are all given a chart each to tell us when we are going to find our soul mate, lost someone, get married, get sick and die.

Maybe God has that chart in His hands. And I wonder if that chart is changeable like my duty roster? If a date is not suitable for me, I can easily ask someone else to exchange with me. But will God do that for us?

I know this is stupid but I just wonder, how nice we if know in advance what will happen tomorrow. Then, I don't need to pray so hard for something and not knowing if it will come true. I won't be disappointed nor feel dejected.

Oh well, maybe we do know in advance some of the things but sometimes we refused to acknowldge it and pretend it won't happen.

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