Monday, September 03, 2007

Home entertainment center

Everything is going big nowadays. The HDTV are getting wider. So are the furniture because one needs a big room for total comfort. That's why big entertainment centers furniture businesses are doing well because one needs a comfy seating to enjoy those kick-ass TV and sound.

How nice if I have a spare room to turn it into a home theatre. I think I will spend all my time in there. But too bad, I don't even have enough space for anything now.
Dining Room Furniture have to be extra compact or there isn't enough space too. Take a look at those sets on the link provided. Some of them are just what I am looking for.

While I am on a space saving mode, I might as well look for some more furniture that can become dual purpose. Storage Beds here will turn into cabinets to store the kids' junks while giving them a place to sleep. Neat idea.

Anyway, I am just rambling on because when I see nice furnitures, my mind tend to wander and I imagine redesigning my home to accommodate some bar stools so that I have a minibar at home.

Ok, enough of dreaming, back to work.


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