Monday, September 03, 2007

Goodness! It is just a piece of cibai! (Labiaplasty, G-spot amplification and revirginization)

Women who have problems with their body will never, ever be satisfied. First they need to fix their noses, their boobs and when all the exterior parts are done, they need to find more things to fix. So, all those media and porn give them ideas that they must have that perfect cibai. What perfect cibai lah? Nay, the kind that looks like an 11 years old? (provided she hasn't reach puberty)

I know I wrote a bit about designer vaginas as paid posts but hey, I like to provide two options to my readers. To stitch that cibai or not to. The choice is yours. But read what the doctors are warning :

So-called designer vagina surgeries costing as much as $5,500 for G-spot amplification and revirginization should be banned as risky and ineffective, medical groups for gynecologists and plastic surgeons say.

The operations, marketed by cosmetic surgeons as a way to enhance sexual pleasure, can involve injecting collagen into the vaginal wall, altering the organ's outer lips, or labia, or restoring the hymen, the membrane sealing the vagina before first intercourse. The procedures were opposed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, or ACOG, in guidelines in its journal today.

For me, I will just sit back and take more paid posts from those cosmetic surgeons because nyek, nyek, nyek, news like these will make them pay more for advertising and only my pocket gets bigger.

It is just a piece of cibai, for goodness sake!

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