Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Long, long weekend ahead.

Hubby is not working tomorrow and he has taken leave from work on Friday as well. This means I am going to have him for another four days. Well, we cannot go anywhere because the children have classes and more over two of them are having their public exams soon. No more skipping school

This is so different from when they were younger. I had taken them off from school for months and we just flew of whenever hubby has business trips. How I miss those carefree days when the kids where young and could afford to skip school. We went to Rome and stayed at the Sheraton. Now, when I look at these old but elegant Rome hotels , I wished I had stayed there instead. I just love signature hotels with their unique features. Make me feel at home like the Prague hotels. It is like traveling back in time.

The next time I get a chance to travel freely, I will find some easy to book website like this one which offers hotels all over the world including london hotels.

Meantime, what I am going to do with the dear old, hub for four days? Other than eating and poking fun at each other? Maybe we will head over to the tour company and queue up for some cheap airline tickets?

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