Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Which part of blogging you don't geddit?

*This is yet another rant. Stay and enjoy or fark off*

I am damn pissed with people treating blogging like it is some gospel preachings. Like it is so holy that it has to be run by certain rules. They go around in their self-righteous, cibai ways and rant on and on about other people's blog which is so bad no one reads.


What business is it of yours if their blogs are read or not? These people easily earn over USD100 per month from it. Take my women blog for example. I earn from paid posts, adsense and text links. That blog itself makes me USD200 minimum. Usually, it earns me like USD400 per month.

So, shove it. Stop whining about others' blogs. You are not the advertisers. And even if you are, if you pay me five bucks and wish to bitch how I manage my blogs, here is a cucumber. Because you are too cheap to buy a vibrator. You only pay for the single page and single link. Geddit?

Nah, rant over. Go back to your wanking.


Wuching said...

hahahaha..cucumbers can substitute dildo meh? hehehehehe

anthraxxxx said...

haha thanks lilian. reading this post just made my day!