Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nah, photos you asked

Here more privacy so I post it ok? 'Cos if I post it elsewhere, later my 9,999,999 readers think I am despo for birthday presents. They think I muka tebal hinting to them.

I damn paiseh and shy mah. So, the bag came in this gold coloured box that says 2 million dollar home. I wonder should I post ' Hensem gave me a 2 million dollar home'? Then, maybe people mistaken Hensem is my gula bapak hor? Cos they think you really spent RM2 million on a villa mah.

And now, you owe me one post too. Blek. I know you are going to comment -
Woi, dun perasan. But heh, I am going to insist for a real 'thank you' so watch that phone.

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