Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Will you sit under the palm tree in Hawaii with me?

The thing I notice most about dating, falling in love and then, move on to serious relationships is how couples tend to lose the simple pleasure of life. I know a couple that just fall in love can sit under swaying palm tree for hours just doing nothing but talking and gazing out to the sea. But when the relationship is already established, both seems to have 'more important' thing to do like working, talking about serious issues and boring stuffs like that.

I was pulling hubby's legs and asked him if we can both go to some beaches and stay in a place like these Maui condos and do nothing but sit under the palm tree. I told him to see the beautiful beaches there on the Hawaiian vacation information.

And you know what he said? He said the kids are going to fall into the sea if we do nothing but talking. Sigh...Good thing I have had pleasure of sitting by the beach and do nothing so many times and did not missed out the bliss. Otherwise, I may be tempted to elope with some native guy and stay in one of these fabulous Oahu vacation rentals.

I know I am mumbling a lot about beaches and sun because it has been raining for several days already. One's mind tend to get mushy when it rains, just like the muddy ground.

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