Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our mom is a lesbian!

I took my laptop out to the dining table yesterday and tried to work from there. I thought it will be nice to be working with the kids running around. However, I get nothing done because the TV, PCs and kids are making so much noises around me. I cannot concentrate with those different sounds and the distraction like someone walking past me.

I was reviewing a lingerie site and my kids remarked, "OMG, our mom is a lesbian! She is viewing boobies!"

So, I didn't get anything done yesterday and now I have work piled on me. The clock is ticking away. I am getting nervous. Blogspot was down for several minutes just now. I should have got myself a decent working office desks and lock myself in the bedroom cum office.

I am going to tell the kids that I only appear during meal times to prepare food for them. Otherwise, treat it like I have gone to work in a real office. Right now, I am working from my bed, with noise cancelling ear plugs and music from my Sony Walkman. I hope I don't get bed sores from all these work.


Alex Allied said...

time to work like a real PRO blogger, hahaha.

Darren Rowse from problogger.net had a dedicated room for his blogging activities. You should have one too!

5xmom.com said...

alex - The only room that fits the kind of work I do is the toilet. LOL. I crap all day!

anthraxxxx said...

The title is very catchy :P

Samm said...

Niamah, bluff9me. I tot here got lesbo videos for me to watch lidat. Cheh.