Monday, September 03, 2007

Samm wants a toyboy in Hawaii

Normally, my work system have bugs and I missed a lot of opportunities of making money. However, Samm, my blog buddy often buzzes me and told me about new businesses that appeared. I have owed her a lot because of these leads.

Now, she asked me how I am going to repay her. I told her I will buy her a vacation in Hawaii. But Samm is not satisfied. She wants a toyboy on a nudist beach. Now, I wonder if they have nudist beach in Hawaii? I am going to book Samm a place at Maui vacation homes and sent her for her holiday soon.

I have checked the Hawaii Travel Information and oh boy, those beaches are so beautiful I want to go as well. Maybe, Samm will treat me to another toyboy? How, Samm? Can?

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