Sunday, September 09, 2007

So practice does make perfect

I am terrible with my schedules and rosters. I have a phone and a laptop. Yet, I never bother to enter all the dates when I have duties in church. Once again, I realised too late that I have lector duty. I have exactly 24 hours to prepare.

Of course, 24 hours is a long time to practice reading a short para. But that's not what lectoring is all about. I have to 'feel' the mood of those words and I have to find it within me to project those words in the right tone. Sometimes, it is the words of the Prophets, sometimes it is God Himself and at other times, Jesus. If I am going up there, I better drill the message of what God wants the whole church to hear right into their hearts and minds.

Well, thank God my faith prevails and I did not falter. Thank God everything went well. Thank God I have faith eventhough I have very little 'skills'.

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