Thursday, September 06, 2007

Why are there so many rich people?

I was at the Sony Centre the other day. In case you do not know, Sony is my current favourite. I have Sony Vaio, Sony Ericsson mobile and Sony Walkman. But it took me a long time to decide before getting all those gadgets because they are darn expensive.

I cannot part with my money so easily. I want a cheaper alternative and only force myself to buy them because I know I have to pamper myself a bit sometimes. However, that's not what I see at the shop. Young teens, young adults and almost practically everyone seem to zap their credit cards for that model of kick-ass Vaio that costs almost $10K like they are cheap toys. I would die if I buy that model. Die of happiness and also heart ache for spending so much.

I suppose these people have smart money management. They probably know about Best Cash Back Credit Cards and have no problem enjoying those luxurious gadgets.

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