Monday, October 29, 2007

Do you believe those stuffs you see on TV?

Long ago, when I was the bored housewife, I used to watch a lot of afternoon matinee. You know, those crappy shows like the Bold and Beautiful and all those mind rotting Brazilian series? Where folks jump from bed to bed and everyone looks like they just stepped out of the plastic surgeon's office?

Well, I also watched those as seen on tv stuffs and even bought a few items. I remember I bought a pressure cooker and were give two units instead. I returned it of course because it is just not right.

Then, another time, I bought this knife which is suppose to cut through thawed meat but it got dented the moment I tried it. We returned it too and get our refunds.

Lucky that I have lived past that housewife era. Now is my turn to fool people with my ideals instead.

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